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Learning Worlds
The mission of the Learning Worlds Institute is to break through critical barriers to positive change by applying innovation methodologies. We believe solving hard problems requires flipping assumptions and transforming points of view. A background in the arts is great preparation. But a sustainable world must also make sense in economic terms. Our goal is to merge perspectives from arts, business, and the sciences to find innovative solutions to global problems. 
Check out our Art of Science Learning conference funded by NSF.
What We Do

The Learning Worlds Institute (LWI) provides innovation consulting services to non-profit organizations focused on societal issues, and creates new projects and programs that represent breakthrough models for social change.

We're currently focusing on projects related to education and caregiving.  

Our education initiative is exploring the value of art-based learning as applied to science education (Art of Science Learning); online learning and virtual environments; and student travel as experiential learning.  

Our Care Lab program addresses issues and opportunities related to group caregiving, nutrition, and the application of technology and innovation to home care issues. 

If you are interested in learning more about our projects, or if you're interested in working with us, please email us at info@learningworldsinstitute.org.

How We Do It

We're the non-profit spinoff (in the conceptual sense) of the collaboration between the Gertrude Stein Repertory Theatre (GSRT) and Learning Worlds.

Learning Worlds is a management consulting company staffed by artists, specializing in innovation and communication, helping clients develop and share their new concepts, processes, initiatives, and products.

Gertrude Stein Repertory Theatre (GSRT) is a pioneer in using digital technology to re-invent arts and education, based on a long series of collaborations with creative engineers at laboratories and universities around the world.

GSRT also founded the Digital Performance Institute which provides services to the field for artists using digital technologies to re-invent performance and museum arts.

The Learning Worlds Institute draws inspiration from (and shares ideas with) all three organizations, and plans to continue that collaborative journey.

Our Clients

We believe in the energy generated when you cross boundaries, bridge gaps, and break through barriers.

We believe that innovation comes from a practiced habit of identifying and overturning assumptions, and then following each new path to its logical conclusion.

We believe that most problems, if not all, are open to solution if you come up with the right idea and execute it well.

We believe that ideas are easy if you get out of their way, and that everybody enjoys coming up with new ideas, if you show them how and say it's okay.

We believe that education and ideation should go hand in hand, and that education without ideation is a formula for stagnation.

We think art and science are two complementary forms of creativity, and that scientists, engineers, mathematicians and technologists of all kinds are great partners for artists in helping to solve the problems of the world.

What We Do

The Learning Worlds Institute is based in New York City but collaborates with individuals and organizations around the world.

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